do you remember...Andrew Dice Clay?

Remember when Andrew DIce Clay was the King of Comedy? Remember when his career was so hot that he both outraged and excited the masses? Looking back on it I guess he was lame, but back then you couldn't tell me shit about the dude. I had his comedy tapes (That's right, I said, "tapes") listened to him on The Howard Stern show and got mad when women would protest him going on Late NIght talk shows because they were offended by his misogynistic act. To pull a wrestling reference out of my ass I would say that The Dice Man was like The Ultimate Warrior of comedy: He was King for a real short period of time but when he was King he definitely made some noise. Here's a clip of the time when he went on The MTV VMA's, imploded, used profanity during a live taping and subsequently was banned for life. Oh The 90's. They were cool times.

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