Sometimes I wonder if Plaxico Burress is part of some sick twisted game of, "which Black athlete can America persecute next." Between him, Mike Vick and the dude from Oregon who set it on that kid I wonder if it's safe to make your child an athlete. At this point if I have a son I will make sure he does something nerdy like play an instrument or become a doctor. He may still get shot in the back by some crooked overzealous cops but at least he won't be unfairly persecuted by racist, haters, the media and conservative sell out monkeys for mistakes he makes off of the playing field. I for one am getting sick with the way most people think it is okay to take away a man's freedom for mistakes that don't affect other human beings. Kill a dog go to jail, shoot yourself go to jail, speak out against the government go to jail. It's like people are so jealous of the gifts that the Creator has gifted with these athletes that they want to have them locked up so they don't have to be reminded of their own personal shortcomings. If David Paterson has any GUTS he will commute this man's sentence and let him get back to the business of being a husband to his wife and a Father to his children and unborn seed.

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Kerri said...

Very sad and unfortunate! Our athletes need some support & mentoring. Also kills me when they go broke after grossing $200mill. during their playing career. I've heard a lot of those stories lately.