SUCKA...lamar odom (The Kardashian Girls must have some really, really good PUSSY)

What in the hell is Lamar Odom doing? He is about to wife the FAT Kardashian girl? Listen, if you read this blog at all you now full well that I love myself some thick broads from time to time and have to admit that I do imagine what it would be like to take the plunge inside of the freakishly big Kardashian sister. But Lamar is about to wife her after just three months of courtship. Quick aside, I ran into Lamar Odom at Borders and I had mad respect for him. He was nice enough to say hi and give me a pound. We talked BRIEFLY about the Darryl Strawberry throwback he had on and it was all good. But what I really loved was that he had a killer chica on his arm. And I was like, "Do your thing Lamar." In my head that is. But now I see he has gone and done the dumb dumb. Do these Kardashian women have pussy that is just dripping with honey? Pussy that makes the world shake? Pussy that just purs when you are inside of it? There is something about them and these athletes. The Mother has Bruce Jenner pussy whipped, Kim (the hot one) has ruined any chance of a good career for Reggie Bush and now look who's next to fall: Lamar Odom of The World champion Los Angeles Lakers! Good luck to them both. But really Lamar?

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