Fox has a solution to the lack of Black characters on television: An animated minstrel show!

Fox has done it again. Shown their ugly racist feces faces. See, Fox News was always a place where you new you could go to for racist, biased reporting and disturbing images of minorities. But now thanks to wonderboy Seth McFarlane they have now let their flagship network do the damage as well. Tonight Fox launches it's much touted animated program, The Cleveland Show. The show is a spinoff of Family Guy, a very hardcore offensive program that admittedly makes me laugh. Just when I began to get excited about The Cleveland Show I had to stop and think: What the fuck am I so excited about? The show "stars" a Black man that is actually voiced by a white man. He is slow and dim witted. A single father and overweight. Isn't this Amos n' Andy revisited? But just in cartoon form? I can't believe more people haven't said shit about this. Are there no Black people in Murdoch World? After the monkey incident at The New York you would think Fox would have thought twice about this shit. Where is Cosby? Where is Juan Williams? Where is Al Sharpton? Where are all the people that try and skewer Hip Hop with that broad brush of responsibility? It's always different when someone else does the image assassination. Fuck Fox, Haters of Hip Hop, media hypocrites that have given good reviews to the show and McFarlane for this BULLSHIT!


Butterrfly said...

wow... how do you really feel about the show. I haven't seen an episode yet.. I'll check it out and get back to you.

Big Reub said...

Bruh..........you seem really heated about this. LOL. Cant say that I watch Family Guy and all the other FOX cartoon shows. Never got into 'em like that. But, I can't lie though.... there was a really funny partI saw.