I like David Paterson!

Listen I know David Paterson is blind and I also know watching him speak on television is unsettling, uncomfortable and unimaginable but let's face it he is The Governor Of New York State and dagnabit he deserves some respect. He didn't ask to be Governor. He was put in that position because former Governor Eliot Spitzer was a filth, down - low freak that could not keep his dick in his pants and out of a hooker's mouth. David Paterson should run for office and let the people decide. What is wrong with that? We still are in a Democracy right? Obama is DEAD wrong for asking someone to ask someone to ask someone to ask David Paterson to step aside. Obama did not like it when he was told not to run for President because the country was not ready for a Black President. So why should he even hint towards asking someone to step away from their post that they are already in? The White House and The Democrats need to stop pressuring Paterson. He is handicapped for goodness sakes. He should be carried on the backs of the party because he is fighting and representing the party and because of course he is blind. He would probably fall all over the place if he wasn't carried.

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