Skip Gates got his nigger wake up call when he tried to break into his own house and was arrested for it. During the month of August, President Obama got his. Despite trying to include conservatives, Republicans and the insurance lobby on his plans for Health Insurance reform, President Obama has been greeted with signs of him being Hitler, accusations of him being a fascists, communists or some combination of both and people coming to town hall meetings in which he was appearing with loaded firearms. This is what happens when you try and change the world of people that put the lives of Black men below that of dogs. This is what happens when you try and explain the nuances and grey areas of Health Insurance reform to a segment of the population that come from a long line of inbred, cornfed dumb asses. In six months our President has gone from a man that embodied every thing positive about America; inclusion, hard work and togetherness to a man that has been accused of setting up a system to kill people. WTF? This is what he gets for being nice. Every well to do Black man has to get their nigger wake up call someday. Gates got his, Mike Vick got his and this whole summer has been Obamas. Hopefully in time the President will get over his desire to make these malcontents and sore losers feel comfortable and represent the constituency that elected him. One can only hope.

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