Australians walk out on Britney Spears

Can you believe that concert goers in Australia walked out on Britney Spears because she was lip - synching? What nerve? Why would they go see Britney sing live? Someone needs to tell Australians that the people that gave us Crocodile Dundee and Yahoo Serious are not in the position to be judging an artist's talent or skill set. We here in America know full well that you don't pay to see Britney Spears sing, you pay to see the train wreck that is her life.

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Butterrfly said...

Are the Aussies series?? What did they expect from her??To sing AND dance at the same time?? That's really too much to ask... That's some ole MJ level is performing talent that we all know brittney as well as 99% of today's Artists do not have. Although, I can't think of who makes up that 1%.. hmmmm?