Whoever advises Rihanna either works for or has has ties to her record company...

Why is Rihanna talking about the Chris Brown thing now? Oh. Wait I know why. Because of the power of the dollar. She finally comes out and tells the Chris Brown story once Chris Brown is getting back on his feet and trying to revive what is left of the career he ruined the day he chose to put his hands on her. I don't advocate a man putting his hands on a woman but jeez louise.
If it's so tragic, why do you decide to tell your story when your album is coming out? Is this a tragedy or is it something that you and your marketing team decided would help push the album? Rihanna is wrong for this one.

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Butterrfly said...

Poor Rihanna. I haven't seen the interview yet. But the chick has my sympathy. She seems so unguided and friendless to me.