The Horse Whisperer if the Horse Whisperers fucked Horses!

For those of you unfamiliar with the case, Rodell Vereen was sentenced to three years in prison for having sex with a horse. Again. While the fact that this man had sex with a horse is sad and just plain disturbing I have to admit there are elements of this story that make me laugh, among them...
1) Rodell had actually been arrested two years earlier for having sex with the same Horse. Two years earlier. At least he was monogamous.. That Horse probably liked him. I was always taught that if a Horse did not like you sneaking behind it then it would kick you. Rodell wasn't kicked....
2) The owner realized that her Horse was having sex with Rodell because it kept coming down with infections. So basically, Rodell was burning the Horse.
3) The Horse was named Sugar.
4) He had to register as a sex offender. ??? While his behavior may be bizarre and ultimately criminal, I don't see the need for him to be further humiliated. It's not like he is a child molester, he just fucks the occasional Horse. Children are safe from him. Unless they own a pony they have nothing to worry about.
5) His brother is a Reverend. Is that a case for or against the age old nature - nurture argument?
6) There is actually a name for this crime and it is not Horse Fucking, It's called Buggery. I don't know what is stranger: the fact that someone is fucking horses or the fact that there is a name for this crime. You only have a name for something that people do.
7) Al Sharpton is needed. This is a clear cut case where a Black person is getting a different punishment for something that white guys have been doing for some time. We all know that white guys have their way with horses all the time. Why aren't any of them making the news? Which leads me to the next one...
8) He was Black. What? A Brother is fucking horses? If you gave me four guesses of what color I thought a man was that was a repeat offender of fucking horses I would have never guessed, "Black guy". Unless fucking horses was a new street slang for selling crack.
8) How big was this guy's Dick? (No Bruno) If he could get some kind of satisfaction out of fucking a horse then he must have been hung like a (here it comes) HORSE.
9) Do you ever think he ever jerks off while watching Horse Races? (No Bruno). Let's face it, if a horse just sitting in a barn turns you on then it stands to reason that several horses running would do the same.
10) Is he like the Jackie Robinson of bestiality? He is definitely the first of his kind that I have ever heard of. I will continue to follow this man. He needs to be studied and exploited.


AG said...

"the Jackie Robinson of bestiality"...that is f$%@ing funny.

Kerri E. said...

I love it! You are as funny as ever!