How bad is he doing? Is he on The Carter level yet?

Listen - I know it's only been 9 months but so what! It's time to keep it real: President Obama has moved to the center like a Black Bill Clinton with the efficiency of an even more inept Jimmy Carter. I know he had a lot of shit to clean up but it seems like he's actually threw more shit on the shit before he got the shovel. Then when he got the shovel it was a plastic shovel. Unemployment is at record highs, the war is a drain on the economy and national morale and people will not have that much better health care once the Healthcare Reform Bill is passed. I love Obama for what he was able to accomplish but even a first round pick needs to show some improvement once the season starts. President Obama seems to be a better campaigner than an actual President. Everytime I turn around he is making a speech. Save the speeches for Congress behind close doors. Over 65 million people voted for you. They don't need to hear what you want to do they need to see you do it. You got close to a trillion dollars for jobs but yet the only people that seem to be benefiting are the banks that got us into the bullshit in the first place. The war that seems unwinnable you sent more troops to? WTF! Fail. The plan was to move America into the 21st century. Come on, son!

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