Sports Op -Eds: William C. Rhoden

William C. Rhoden feels that Tiger Woods' hiding and that the damage being done to his reputation has alot to do with the fact that he has not come out publicly and addressed the situation to the public.
If his representatives think this statement will put out the fire, they are wrong.
They have been wrong for 17 days. Anyone with compassion feels for the Woods family. But this was simply another carefully manicured statement shaped by high-priced image consultants and high-powered lawyers.

I like to read Rhoden because I like to believe that he has his finger on both the pulse of the core readers of The Times - predominantly white, progressive to upper middle class - and the Black readers that read the Times as well. No to mention that he still lives in Harlem and I see him more than I see a say Mike Lupica who is a total Dick Head!

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