Random Blogging: If Tiger had ever gotten his haircut in a Black Barbershop none of this would have ever happened!

I am not one to pile on but for real: Tiger Woods is one dumb motherfucker. If Tiger had any bit of the Black experience - shit - talking in the barbershop being one example - I doubt any of this would have ever happened. When you are in a world like he is make that WAS in; isolated, bulletproof, insulated and full of yes men, you really begin to think that you can do anything you want fuck hoes outside your marriage, pop pills and smoke weed and no one would ever know. Wrong! See, when you are around brothers especially brothers from an urban environment you will be humbled. Whether you like it or not. Whether it's in the aforementioned barbershop, the b-ball court or the locker room someone will test you and that is when you will begin to know your own limits. Understand that you are not perfect, you have flaws and your shit can be smelled a mile away. Tiger had to find his limits the hard way. On TMZ. On the front page of the National Enquirer. On The Today Show. Poor guy, if only he had embraced being Black for one second maybe he wouldn't know what it's like to be Black for the rest of his life.

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