Say what you want about this man but he was a Game Changer! For real. This man was great but he was a man. He made many mistakes (adultery being a big one - he was way past Tiger Woods levels) but his biggest mistake was for our ( America) biggest benefit; sticking his face in the civil rights movement where it didn't belong. Martin never had to get involved. His father was successful and he never had to worry about his future: It was set. A Preacher's son wrote his own ticket in those days. But he knew that the world had to change. King's death was calculated and a larger part of the movement to stop one man from galvanizing a nation. Peace to King and his dysfunctional family. Barack Obama could have never been President if it weren't for King and he could have never been President if he tried to be like KIng. Happy Birthday Dr. King and Happy King Day America!

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Shawndella Taylor said...

Shirly Taylor Kelly....WOW!!! OMG...that was painfully funny in a sad "what she smokin?" way.

FYI...no relation!