I fux with Gilbert Arenas

The war on Black athletes continues. I feel bad for my man Gilbert Arenas but I can no longer defend him. He plead guilty. I wish he just said to someone: "Hey I didn't want to shoot anyone. Okay, I did want to shoot Shaq and that is why I had these guns. He was fucking my baby mama and I had enough of being embarrassed all over the blogosphere. It's one thing to have some people know about it, but when everyone knows that you are kissing Shaq's dick when you are kissing the mother of your children it can be a bit too much to take." Well, for now Agent Zero is facing a different type of full court press and he has bigger problems to worry about than just executing plays after a time out. I wish the best to him and his family. The high- stakes parlor game of "Let's see what Black athlete we can put in jail for no reason for no other reason than we wish we were him" continues.

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