Say what you what about the high amount of websites but some do stand up. Gots to give a shout to the people that run hiphopbeef.com. They seem to have a lot of the exclusive shit. This clip is no exception. Here is a vid clip of Killa Cam rockin' it at the XXL Freshman Ten showcase. He was there to rep his act Vado but he still did some time. And I say this to a lot of people but they never agree with me; CAM has hits. He has a catalogue. He can perform about ten joints that the casual Hip Hop fan would know. Sometimes I have forgotten how long he has been around (almost 15 years). Check out this clip where Cam reps Harlem and Hip Hop.

Camron & Vado Perform @ 2010 XXL Freshmen Concert part 2 from hiphopbeef on Vimeo.

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