Looks like Cam was right after all

lloyd Banks's new single, "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" featuring Juelz Santana is definitely hot. But what I think is the bigger story is the fact that Lb, the "puchline King" is working his song independently. No major label pushing it all according to Banks who was on the the Ed Lover podcast. Lloyd Banks was saying that being independent is great for him. He was saying that independence has made his career more flexible. Remember when Cam and 50 had their beef? The whole thing started because 50 was talking shit about Koch (now EMI?) records and how their independent deal situation was like a "graveyard" for artists. 50 said that once you do things independently your career as an artist was dead. Isn't it funny how times have changed? Now that Banks is off Interscope and has been cut loose from Jimmy Iovine's money pipeline he is championing the virtues of independence. Now would 50 say his career is dead? What would that say about Fif's prospects? Looks like Cam was right after all.

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