How is the oil spill President Obama's fault exactly?

I have been listening to the reaction by some on the right and some on the left when it comes to President Obama's reaction to BP's oil spill and I am shocked at some of the reaction critical of our President. What do they want him to do; Magically stop the oil leak with his brain? No matter what they think President Obama is still a man. He does not have superpowers. The blame lies solely on the greedy shoulders of the energy companies that secured policy that made regulation of their dirty industry almost null and void. BP (British Petroleum - didn't our country fight a war against The British? Why are they drilling off U.S. shores?) needs to clean this shit up no matter what the cost. Then they need to donate a portion (call it a tax if you want) of whatever profits they make to the people of Louisiana. Something they should have been doing anyway. This way the shores and the Gulf can be clean (or at least cleaner then it was before the oil spill) and the people of New Orleans can get the help they deserve that they still have not gotten. Peace!

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