Chinese killings are making me think strange thoughts...

Has anyone been following the recent Chinese attacks lately? It is really weird! For some reason in the last two months, Chinese men have been stabbing and killing pre - schoolers and the administrators that run their schools. In articles and television news reports the speculation is that the attacks have been caused by the rapid change in lifestyle in China. Could be, but I think the reason behind these killings are alot simpler: Chinese people are still looking for the CHOSEN ONE. The one that knows Karate or something like that. In these rural towns Chinese people don't have X RAY machines, Karate tournaments or I.Q. tests. So instead of finding the one the civilized way, they feel they have to chase some poor 4 year old going to school to see if he's unbreakable. America has to really help these Chinese men and women out that live in the rural areas. They are behind in the times and still living in the stone age.

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