I can no longer defend this...

I want to make some things very clear: I am not Bill Cosby, I am not anyone's mother, I am not the fashion police. I am not some boo - zhee African - American that suffers from self - hatred or some Uncle Ruckus - like secret desire to be white. I am just a dude with an opinion, a computer and some free time.

With that being said, I can no longer defend the saggy pants. NO WAY! I like my pants baggy too but this new shit is getting ridiculous. It's like for the past 6 months boys and some grown ass men have begun to drop their pants about six inches lower.

They look crazy. And what's worse is that the teenagers are being allowed to dress this way. Some of them are not even legal age. They have parental supervision. Men over 25 dressing like this is past insane. This trend begs the questions: Why are these boys so close to taking their pants off? Why are these boys literally and figuratively showing their ass? What is that about? Do they want to give it to someone? Are they on something completely different?

At first, when the pants were just baggy and sagging just a little, before the time when the upper class elite Blacks would vilify this trend, I thought, "It's just a trend, a style, let it got."
But now I can't even say that.


Anonymous said...

Yeah....s*#t is crazy. Pull ya f*#kin pants up. Da phuck? I can't understand why this s*#t is even fashionable. We at least had Black Watch or some reason why we did s*#t when we was comin up. A lotta brothas & sisters was on they afrocentric thing, BK Polo, or uptown fatigues. But men showin azz cuppage is beyond me. Pul yo muthaf*#@kin pants up!

Big Reub said...

I apologize to our elders and peers for another generation failing to again pass the torch properly. We started this and set no boundaries as we did not with rhyming.......not knowing how far off the mark that our younger brothers/sons would take it.

We got work to do, brothas.