Brian Pumper? Come on, son have some respect!

In this video clip, male porn star Brian Pumper (great porn name) is seen discussing his technique in breaking new "artists" into the porn industry. Sitting with him is Chip - D (for some reason pronounced Chippy D) AKA Laurence Fishburne's daughter and her boyfriend who also wants to break into the industry. I think that Fishburne could really use his pull in the industry to hurt Pumper. God only knows what this girl was thinking when she decided to fuck on tape and market it. Thanks Kim Kardashian. I hope this gets resolved quickly and for goodness sakes please no one give this woman anymore exposure than this youtube clip. And btw if this guy is so paid and successful - look at all his chains and bracelets - WHY IN THE FUCK IS HE TAKING HIS CREW TO SUBWAY?! I know in the porn industry you have to eat fresh but this is ridiculous. I run a blog that makes no money and I can do better than that. I don't know who CartlonJordan.com is but he deserves 100% credit for getting this exclusive. Not TMZ, MTO but Carlton Jordan.

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