T.O. and Chad Ochocinco - A new recruiting tool for Al Cracker?

I can't think of anything that will get The Klan more new card carrying members than watching these two chocolate boobs. Especially after watching their VH1 shows where they chase after fame, attention and white women. Not in that order of course. Here is where I have to defend the white man. I know crazy coming from me, right? They don't understand what Black people mean when they say there is still racism in America when they watch these two Black men talk shit and screw their women on reality shows. They think that racism is still of the old -school garden variety; no interracial dating, separate water fountains or not being able to vote. So when they turn on the television and see one guy screaming racism on one channel (Jesse Jackson) and then turn on the other channel and they see two football players on a reality show holding hands and frolicking in swimming pools with white women they get confused. That is why these two guys are a great recruiting tool for the KKK. If you want to figure out a way swell the ranks of men raising their hand in the air screaming "white power" then you should just show these two together, pop in a DVD of either one of their reality shows or just listen to them talk. What's even crazier is that the team they are on is practicing in Kentucky. Are they trying to start an all - out race war?

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