The Persecution of Charles Rangel continues - What did he do again?

I read what the ethics violations were on Charles Rangel. One of them was bringing disrespect to The House Of Representatives. Are they serious? Can anyone see the railroad? I was never a big fan of the dude but I can see a conspiracy when there is one. And here is one. A BIG ONE! In your face. They are mad at him for having four apartments in Lenox Terrace? It's not the fucking Taj Mahal. It's Lenox Terrace. It's funny that before gentrification no one cared how many apartments he had. Then they said that he didn't pay his taxes. Then you look at the money he owes and it's 15k. After 40 years all this guy stole was 15k? He wasn't really trying then. And for the Democrats that are distancing themselves from Rangel we are watching you and you will be exposed. (I'm looking at you Barry.) I can't believe that the press is piling on him even though he didn't lie us into war or falsify intelligence. I have said it before and I will say this again this shit didn't start until he became the Chairman of The Ways and Means Committee and he kicked Vice President Dick Cheney out of his office. And you know who is behind this: The Pussies at The New York Post. If I were Rangel I would stand pat and tell anyone that had a problem with it to eat a bag of Harlem Apartment Dicks (whatever those are). Harlem Stand up. First it's him then it's your land. This is just the start. Don't let this happen.

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