Bron Bron is not a slave but only Jesse Jackson seems to know this....

I am glad that someone said what I said but no one else heard. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, in his statement on his team's website acted like he owned Lebron and like Lebron owed him something besides the seven years of play on the court and the hundreds of millions of dollars that Lebron already made for him. Fuck Dan Gilbert. Lebron wanted to leave. Get over it! Why is Jesse Jackson the only man that went on the record with the slave - master relationship that Dan Gilbert portrayed when he made his statement? Why is a man over 70 making this statement? Where is Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson? Why aren't they coming to Lebron James' defense in choosing where he wants to play? What kind of men are they? I thought Charles was outspoken? I thought he was the militant Black athlete that said what was ever on his mind. So why is it that the only statement he makes is a statement crtitcal of the chosen one? What part of the game is that, Chuck? Michael Jordan now an owner still pretends like he is a player looking for his next contract. Why isn't he saying anything to refute Gilbert's statements? And only something that is a shot at James. And Earvin? Where is he? Where is the guy that can stop the world with his smile? Quiet. And so it's left to Jesse Jackson, an old man in the game to come to the defense of a 25 year old multi - millionaire. This is why Black men can never work together because they rarely get each other's backs in moments like this. The old heads should be ashamed of their behavior. I am!

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