R.I.P. George Steinbrenner but wait a minute....

As much as I love The New York Yankees, I have to keep the death of George Steinbrenner in some sort of perspective: Even though I don't wish death on many people except those I find truly reprehensible (I'm looking at your grave Jesse Helms) the truth must be told about George Steinbrenner: He was a bit of a liar. A cheat. A jerk. Reading his biography written by Bill Madden, one has to scratch their head when people are forced to go through the predictable dick suck that happens when someone famous and powerful dies. But the collective George Steinbrenner dick suck was out of control. At one point I thought I was going to see reports that said that George Steinbrenner freed the slaves, invented fire and split the atom. When you really break down the Yankees success the truth is that they won when he was the least involved. The less he was involved the more success his team had. He was the check writer. The fact is, his reputation changed when he was no longer able to speak. He went from ogre to crazy curmudgeon overnight. I liked George Steinbrenner but i liked the man he was and not the man the media wanted him to be after his death.

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