Rick Ross is cool but wait a minute...

Wasup with the New York Dick riding that I'm seeing? I'm looking at this Rick Ross video and it is incredible that I see nothing but New York dudes co - signing! WTF? There was a time when Florida dudes couldn't come up here and shoot a video and get all the love. Damn. What's even crazier is that Styles P. is on the song and Jada Kiss is in the video riding in the Maybach with Rozay! I personally don't like this Dick riding! I don't mind artists supporting an artist but how come they don't do that for New York artists? This video is like a "Who's Who" of New York artists. Remember when The Lox left Diddy because they said he was trying to sell them out and that they weren't street enough? Well - look where they are now. Back with Diddy and selling out with an artist that isn't even in their camp. They could have stayed with Diddy kept their publishing and kept some change in their pocket if they were going to do this. I wonder if either of them thought of this while they were involved in this project!

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