Is Wendy Wiliams really calling out Chad Ochocinco for liking white women?

I saw the Chad Ochocinco abortion that is currently airing on VH1 and I can see why a Black woman can take some exception to the casting of his reality show. There are alooooooooot of white and Latino women on the show which does it make it appear as if he does not like Black women. But who is Wendy Williams to call him out on anything? This is a woman that wears weaves, has had plastic surgery and does her best to look like a white women. Is she serious? If I was Chad Ocho coono I would have told Wendy Williams to take off her wig, weave and fake everything else before she tried to call me out on anything about anything. But he is so lame he didn't even do that! That show is an abortion!

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