Now Brietbart wants to talk...the time for talk is over PUSSY!

Andrew Breitbart has said that he would like to speak to Shirley Sherrod "in private." Why now? Oh yeah I think I know why, because he is about to get sued and lose everything. And I don't care what anyone says, she would win a case against Breitbart - easily. This pussy intentionally tried to defame and degrade her while knowingly misrepresenting her words. For weeks in the media he has been defiant, swearing that he wasn't trying to say that she was a racist but that the audience listening to her speech was. YEAH RIGHT. The only people that believe that are the people that go to his website. But you know what, I have a great idea: If Breitbart wants to get out of this potential lawsuit not only should he apologize and grovel before Shirley Sherrod but he should also eat her pussy. Yeah I wrote it. And it should be on videotape. Why not? What other way could he really show that he is sorry than by licking the box of the woman that he slandered? That's what I say. An apology isn't nearly good enough. Nothing short of him having to walk around with the love stink of Shirley Sherrod on his face while he goes on Fox News' Hannity Show will do for me. But then again I am not Sherrod. But if I were her advisor that would be my advice to her. What do you think?

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