I don't know why (I really do though) Fox News hates on President Obama more than Farrakhan hates on white people. It doesn't matter what he does they are going to be overly critical. It's like they are his mother. First off, the staff on Fox News almost never refers to him as "The President". They say, "Obama" or "Barack Obama" or sometimes they "mistakenly" refer to him as "Osama". Second of all they never give him credit when credit is due. If he saves jobs the reporters can't say that he did something good, they'll say that he created those jobs just so that he can take their tax money. Thirdly, Fox News will with the help of their talking head commentators will thrown out crazy accusations just to smear him, things like him being a communist. After he bailed out the banks? How can you be a communist after you bailed out the banks? Does that even make sense? No, but if you are a hick or a racist or a functional idiot that has no knowledge of anything then you will believe that shit. You think the big heads at Fox News don't know their demographic? This is not just a string of coincidences. You don't think that Fox News doesn't know that the Tea Party and it's members are susceptible to race - baiting? This is an old strategy that the powerful have been using in America for years; try and convince the poor and middle class white people that their misery and bad lot in life is because the "dark people" are taking their jobs, their money and their women. Not the rich white men that are actually doing it. Maybe I would believe that too if I were deaf, dumb and blind.

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