Sellout Monkeys On Deck!

My Man The Mighty O hipped me to what was going on with some conservative sellout monkeys and you know what; it's damn shame that these men and women even exist. But the phenomenon does confirm to me something that I have been telling people as long as I have been blogging: Black people will get further in the political arena if they shroud themselves in conservatism. I call it, "The Other Powell Doctrine." Once a Black person shrouds themselves in conservatism two things happen. The first, unfortunately is that they will be branded a sellout. That is going to happen. It's unavoidable and inevitable. Rightly or wrongly. Secondly, racist, patronizing conservative whites will bend over backwards to show that they and their movement are not racist by fast tracking those Black conservatives up the ladder. So for every qualified Colin Powell you have ten unqualified tokens like Condi Rice, Michael Steele, etc.
So this current crop of sellout monkeys met at The National Press Club and continued to tell the world why they and not the 96% of the other Blacks are the smartest in the world. In reality, Zo Rachel, Niger (he really needs an extra g in his first name) Innis and all the others make valid points about being open - minded, embracing a conservative value system and the effects of staying dangerously loyal to one political party. But the end result remains: They are just being used. Instead of starting their own party they continue to align themselves with a movement that openly embraces racists and hate mongers. I used to ask myself, "why?". Why would these men want to be aligned with the worst white people? Are they trying to keep their enemies closer? Are they so naive as to think that they will be major players in a movement that has used race to scare people to vote Republican for the last 40 years? Because that's what Sellout Monkeys Do.

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