Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor in biopic - Was Richard Pryor ever fat or a woman?

Thank God! Eddie murphy is set to play Richard Pryor. After that last rumor of him playing the Riddler in the next Batman movie was discounted as just that, a rumor, it is comforting to know that Eddie Murphy has signed on to play his idol Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic. I applaud Eddie. I was getting tired of seeing him in fat suits. At this point Tyler Perry has that lane covered. It was starting to make me question his gender preference. But then again after seeing this photo of Eddie and Richard in the early 80's was there ever really a question?


donna troy said...

...but do you think he will do a good job?

Butterrfly said...

I doubt Eddie will carry it off.. what was his last GOOD movie... His acting skills are suspect... I hope for Richard's sake he will do ok.