Jamie Foxx new video is past disturbing!

Seriously, the new video by Foxx is past disturbing. It's bad enough that T - Pain is in it but damn, Whitaker, Sam Jackson, Gylenhaal and Ron Howard. I know people make videos and have a cameos but you are pretty much confusing the public when you have these people involved. What is Ron Howard doing? Doesn't he have a Happy Days reunion to go do? Youtube won't let anyone embed the video but check it out for yourself. It's pretty disturbing. click here for the crazy.


donna troy said...

I can always count on you to put it into words. AND THEN Foxx had the nerve to soup our heads up with the intro.."STARRING JAKE GYLENHAAL...RON HOWARD...FOREST WITAKER...

106th and Park (don't shake your head) was all into the "World Premier" of the stupid video. I was like...oh snap...this video is about to be on point...you go Jamie!

The whole time my face looked like a third grader at a college biology lecture. WTF!

Indeed...it was past disturbing.

Butterrfly said...


Is this for real?

Ron Howard pimpin' in the club?? Et tu?

What's that dancing panda about?

Wow... Crack was certainly smoked in the conception of this video.

I am officially embarrassed.

TalentUnltd said...

I'm even more mad that this was a HYPE WILLIAMS production. WTF?!?!?!